Available on the App Store and the Android Market
NAP26 is the amazing power nap program that gives you the rest and rejuvenation of a 3-hour nap in just 26 minutes - without feeling groggy!
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the static noise I hear when I play Easy2Sleep & NAP26?
A. Some Binaural beats are inaudible or low frequency, however we use soothing background sounds similar to a waterfall or white noise that help your focus and block out ambient noise.

Q. What are Binaural beats?
A. Binaural beats are two similar sounds, which differ only slightly in frequency that are heard separately by the right ear and the left ear which help signal your body to fall asleep and wake up naturally.

Q. Can anyone use Easy2Sleep & NAP26?
A. For most people Easy2Sleep & NAP26 is completely safe, non habit-forming and does not cause side effects. However, Easy2Sleep & NAP26 should not be used by when driving, if you suffer from Epilepsy or seizures, or if you are pregnant. If you are unsure about whether you can use Easy2Sleep & NAP26, please consult your physician before using Easy2Sleep & NAP26.

Q. How quickly does Easy2Sleep starts working?
A. Easy2Sleep starts working immediately!  Within minutes you should start to feel relaxed and then continue to feel more relaxed as you listen. 

Q. How & when do I use Easy2Sleep?
A. Easy2Sleep is a digital audio player with the Binaural beats program already pre-programmed.  Simply put on headphone or insert ear buds when you're ready to go to sleep or if you wake up in the night, press play on the audio player and relax, close your eyes and listen.

Q. When should I use NAP26?
A. It is most beneficial to use NAP26 during the day or mid-afternoon when energy levels start to drop naturally. NAP26 is also perfect for travelers who experience jet lag.

Q. How do I use NAP26?
You can use the NAP26 pre-programmed digital player or the NAP26 CD and your own digital player. Simply put on headphones or insert ear buds, press play and relax and listen.

Q. How quickly does NAP26 work?
A. NAP26 is designed to help you get a short, productive nap in less than 30 minutes. NAP26 starts working immediately and you should start to feel more relaxed as you listen.

Q. Do I have to wear headphones or ear buds?
A. Yes. For Binaural beats to be effective, a slightly different sound and tone needs to be heard by each ear separately and is only achievable by using stereo headphones or ear buds.

Q. Is Easy2Sleep & NAP26 guaranteed?
A. We are confident you will be pleased with Easy2Sleep & NAP26 that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  If you are not fully satisfied you may return your Easy2Sleep & NAP26 product, along with proof of purchase to receive a refund.