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NAP26 is the amazing power nap program that gives you the rest and rejuvenation of a 3-hour nap in just 26 minutes - without feeling groggy!
Why Nap?

It has been proven the human body was meant to have a mid-afternoon nap, according to a new consensus among sleep researchers who are studying the biological rhythms of sleep and alertness. Doctors, scientists and health experts agree that the many benefits of napping are unrecognized and underappreciated by many.

"The majority of Americans are sleep deprived -- they aren't getting enough nighttime sleep," says Bill Anthony, PhD, author of The Art of Napping. "Since most people can't rearrange their lives to get more sleep -- with two jobs, child care, elder care, long commutes, whatever it happens to be -- we recommend they learn how to nap."

"Naps are one of the most powerful alertness strategies," says Mark Rosekind, PhD, president and chief scientist at Alertness Solutions. "It is the only strategy that gets directly to the 'sleep debt' we rack up at night when we don't get the amount we need." When you're not getting enough sleep, it can degrade all aspects of who you are -- affect your judgment and decision making. It can reduce your reaction time, your memory, your communication skills, and these things can go down 20%-50%."

Frequent and regular short-term naps under 30 minutes have been shown to:

• Increase Performance and Productivity

• Improve Ability to Concentrate and Focus

• Reduce Stress and Moodiness

• Improve Healthy & Vitality

• Improve capacity for Memory & Learning

• Stimulate Boost Creativity

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**1986, Scott Campbell, now at Institute for Circadian Physiology in Boston and Max Planck Institute in Munich, West Germany.