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NAP26 is the amazing power nap program that gives you the rest and rejuvenation of a 3-hour nap in just 26 minutes - without feeling groggy!

I have always had a hard time sleeping; I don't think I've ever fallen asleep in less than an hour and wake up repeatedly throughout the night. I awake the next morning feeling groggy and having to push through what feels like a fog for a couple of hours before feeling truly awake and alert.

I purchased both NAP26 & Easy2Sleep, have had them for less than a week and cannot believe the difference I have experienced already. I fall asleep probably within fifteen minutes from beginning the program, have not woken up once throughout the night and feel awake and alert within fifteen minutes of waking in the morning. Finding a product that really performs as it is advertised is rare and I appreciate you and your product so much. Please feel free to use me as a reference any time.

Michael Kaminski

Some nights are difficult to get to sleep. Too much going on in my head, so I plug my head set on & fall into a deep sleep using my Easy2Sleep. I wake up so rested.

Nap26 is fabulous! I'm a single mom with 2 kids. I'm always on the go with them. Occasionally I'm able to get "My 26" in & then I'm ready to go again. Thank you PowrNaps!


I have tried many sleep medications, but none have given the rest that NAP26 and Easy2Sleep provide. We have used the Nap 26 in the office for 3 years and employess enjoy both the break and their improved productivity. Nap26 and Easy2Sleep give a sense of quiet to a hectic paced lifestyle. Try it - you will be improved!

- Sara Thomason

I recently purchased the NAP26 personal MP3 player and have been very pleased with the results.

In the past, before purchasing the NAP26 personal MP3 player, I would sometimes feel very tired during the day when I had experienced poor sleep, was working long hours or had been travelling for work. I was never able to find a remedy for this tiredness, particularly since I do not have the physical ability to sleep or "cat nap" during the day, something that many other people can do to help themselves re-charge. Since I have purchased the POWRNAPS NAP26 personal MP3 player, however, I am able to use it to combat tiredness and to help me feel more mentally alert and physically refreshed. I have used it at home, while travelling, and at the office for quick recharge within 20 minutes. I want to thank you for having created the POWRNAPS NAP26 personal MP3 player. It has been well worth the cost. In fact, I have already started recommending the POWRNAPS products to others.

— Scott S. – CFO Multi-Housing Company

I am a big fan of the NAP26 power nap system. As a frequent traveler, my position takes me to different time zones and naturally I end feeling tired due to the time changes.

I use NAP26 either on the plane, or in my hotel room prior to meetings.

It never seems to fail me! I am constantly recommending this product to my friends and associates.

— Paul Brown - Airport Retail Consultant

I take naps during my lunch break to get refreshed. Sometimes I oversleep and get back to work late feeling more tired. Nap26 takes me through a complete cycle of sleep in 26 minutes. When NAP26 wakes me up, I'm alert and energized. This product is amazing! When you've got a million things on your mind and your brain just won't let you get the rest you need, you've gotta get NAP26 and Easy2Sleep.

- Lori Lai

As a firefighter, I work long hours for an extended period of time. NAP26 gives me an opportunity to catch up on lost sleep after my shift. The 26 minutes I get from the NAP26 helps me fall asleep into a state of relaxation, and wakes me up so I can recover and get things done before my next shift.

I have recommended it to all of my buddies!

— Daren Drown – Firefighter

The NAP26 mp3 player is exactly what i needed. I sing up to 4 times on a weekend and on sunday's i am up from 5:00 am and don't stop until 10:00 pm. That 26 mnute nap, provided by Nap26, keeps me going. I'll take it around noon during my break then i'm ready to go. I would recommend the NAP26 mp3 player to anyone and everyone!

- Jacki Taylor